born from the idea of ​​reaching out to professionals and amateurs to size, knowing the difficulties in finding certain tools and lack of knowledge of them.
From the outset we wanted to provide high quality tools, mostly manufacturing Germany, Switzerland and Italy with the guarantee of the manufacturers who supply them to us, all of great prestige and more than 100 years of experience.
Buy directly from the manufacturer at source and distribute in most cases directly to the user, so we avoid many costs and in this case do not increase the final prices.
Our treatment is persolnalized, and try to answer your questions about the tools and the operation of the website.
With all this and after some years of experience in the field of direct sales through the website, we are proud to have friends as customers and clients as friends.
We hope you trust us and in our experience, thanks to you grows every day.

Contact details; - Ganiveteria Rius

C/ Goleta, 11 (Junto mercado central)

08221 - Terrassa (Barcelona) Spain 


Movil: + 34 696.958.558

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